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Questions about Automatic Encryption

Using the tools Wkcrypt and AxProtector it is poosible to encrypt executing files - EXE and DLLs
Other file formats are not supported!

The following topics should be checked:

  • What is happening exactly? Does the program crash? Are you able to start it at all?
  • Does the program find the WIBU-BOX?
  • What happens if a WIBU-BOX is attached and what happens when the WIBU-BOX is not attached?
  • Does the program search for WkLAN (network search dialog)?
  • What operating system do you use? Have you done any special modifications?
  • Which WIBU-KEY version is in use? Are you sure that all required driver files are installed correctly?
  • Are you using a DOS application? Have you started WKDOS.EXE in advance?
  • Are the correct entries programmed in the WIBU-BOX? You can check this in the WIBU-KEY Control Panel Applet.
  • Which version of WKCRYPT or AxProtector has been used to encrypt the program?
  • Which options have been specified in WKCRYPT or in the AxProtector?
  • What kind of programming language has been used (Compiler and version number)? 16 bit or 32 bit?
  • Are you using a DOS extender?
  • Does the program have overlays? Have you used the appropriate option in WKCRYPT (/CR /CAI, see Chapter of the User's Guide)?
  • WKCRYPT without encryptiona area? Did you activate the option: increase DOS area?

Required support information

In order to handle your concern as soon as possible we need the following information:


  • Please, save the used encryption option as WKC file (Save as).
  • Activate the option "Detailed" in the output monitor and save the information into a text file.
  • Email these two files as well as information about the file to be encrypted to our support team.


  • Please, save the AxProtector project via (File - Save project).
  • Email these file as well as information about the file to be encrypted to our support team.