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Questions about printers

Using a printer and a WIBU-BOX/P or RP both simultaneously connected to the LPT interface can cause problems.
Please, note the following:

Things to keep in mind when installing a new printer
When the WIBU-KEY driver accesses a WIBU-BOX it is normally not possible to access the printer at the same time. Normally the time period required by the WIBU-KEY driver to access the WIBU-BOX is so minimal that no problems occur. But if a printer status monitor tries to access the printer every 50 milliseconds the WIBU-BOX access will be detected. In this case the status monitor pop up window can will show a warning stating that the printer cannot be detected or that the communication has been broken.
For this reason, only the normal driver for default print functions should be installed. The status monitors installed during the default installation normally can't manage the shared interface access.

How should I configure the specified WIBU-BOX in order to avoid problems?
Move to page "Settings" in the WIBU-KEY control panel applet and activate the option "Shared with concurrent printer access" for the LPT interface.

If further problems occur, you should use another WIBU-BOX variant. The WIBU-BOX/U (USB interface) is suitable for the operating systems Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003.
Please contact your software developer if you want to change your WIBU-BOX variant. Only he can send you a WIBU-BOX with the correct content.